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I write for Medium.com and I know many readers appreciate the popular site. But sometimes it’s nice to enjoy a break now and then, and consume something a little more than just medium.


NotMedium.net is a unique website with articles, stories, reviews and other engaging content; for readers, writers, and authors. Come here when you desire informative material, designed to inspire, motivate, uplift and benefit you in some way or fashion.

The site was created and is operated by Charm Baker. Since I happen to be Charm Baker, I choose not to speak in the third person when discussing myself, in spite of what’s considered as the acceptable format for a profile, bio, or “About” page.

Personally, I don’t see the need to speak in the third person; I never have, and I never will. That should be your first indication of what type of website NotMedium.net is, and about the content you happen to find here.

Not Standard

I’m getting SICK AND TIRED of constantly doing things the way “they” say to do them, simply because that’s the way it is, and has always been.

Sometimes in life, you get to a point where you simply want to break out of the mold. That’s where I am now, as a writer and author, and in my life, in general.

I currently write for Medium.com but not all my writing seems to fit into their tightly-woven perception of what a story should be or contain.

You can read what I wrote about Medium.com and get a better understanding of what I mean. I’m happy to report that around here, where things are not medium, I can write how I darn well please.

Therefore, if I choose to speak to my reading audience and address them directly, instead of in the third person, then to hell with it; that’s just what I’ll do.

See, that’s another thing, here, swearing is not an issue, not that I plan to make a habit of excessive cussing, but there might be ans occasional slip, but at least I don’t have to feel compelled to precede it by a darn disclaimer.


Who is Welcome

I absolutely love Readers, and I welcome every type of reader, especially those willing to leave feedback about their reactions to books, characters, plots and more. Readers of all genres are crucial to the objective and overall mission of this site.

But while reader feedback and support is crucial, be aware that this site provides a content format that predominately caters to Writers and Authors.

With that said, any Reader who doesn’t mind the industry slant to many of the articles and posts, is more than welcome here.

In fact, don’t just visit once or twice; become a member of the network, by submitting your email, and something about yourself. I’ll be very pleased to have you, and publicly welcome you with open arms.

My aim for this site, is not only to uplift readers, writers, and authors, but to offer practical help and resources, related to common issues we all face in life, and primarily in the writing world.