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Beating Boredom with Creativity During the COVID-19 Crisis

Reposted: April 22,2020

What can you do to keep busy during the time you have to stay at home?

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Once you actually come to grips with the current state of affairs, and accept the reality of what is going on, itís hard to imagine that boredom would soon be another problem to deal with, thanks to the virus.

Itís a crazy situation when basically the entire world is on lockdown. If misery truly ďloves company,Ē then a lot of people will find solace in the fact that everybody everywhere is stuck at home, not just them. So how will you beat the boredom?

Boredom During Pandemic

So since this COVID-19 situation doesnít appear to be going away anytime soon, there is nothing to be gained by complaining (even if itís just to ourselves) about the issue of being bored.

Thatís not to say that boredom is a trivial matter, because itís not. Boredom will most definitely find a way to lead to other negative thoughts and feelings, including discontentment, anxiety, frustration, and even anger.

Clearly, those emotions create a toxic brew that would be an accident waiting to happen under any circumstances, let alone under extreme circumstances.

Households all over the world are having to adapt to these extreme circumstances, and some have it much worse than others.

Keep busy and you might keep your sanity. Keeping busy can also help keep people off one anotherís nerves.

Creativity During a Crisis

Now is a great time to tap into your creativity, even though we are technically in a crisis. Accepting the fact that this situation is the new normal for now, makes it easier to switch your mental gears.

Adjust them to ďcreativityĒ and start thinking really hard. Figure out something productive that you can do now, that will also benefit you when the crisis is over.

Start with the things that you like to do, and that you are good at. You might be surprised to find that you can actually turn some of the things you like to do into something profitable.

Personally, I believe that all of us have some form of creativity inside us, even when we donít seem to realize it ourselves.

Think about it. Wasnít there ever something you once thought about being or doing, simply because you liked it, or thought you might like it.

Even if you never pursued it, the thought of doing it may have never really truly gone away. I can think of lots of things like that, what about you?

Stay Sane Helping Others

One really awesome way to stay sane and beat off boredom is by doing something to help others. Just look at what doctors are doing when they are being forced (out of necessity) to convert ventilators for COVID-19 patients.

As far as Iím concerned, if ďnecessity is the mother of invention,Ē then creativity is certainly the father. Among other acts of creativity, doctors at Mount Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles figured out how to turn a sleep apnea machine into a ventilator.

So what about you? What will be the result of your creativity during this time?

Creative and Fun

Thereís no doubt that whatís going on in the world will definitely make you look at things more deeply. Iím already a creative person, but lately, Iíve been doing some DIFFERENT fun and creative things, like fooling around with writing poetry (something I actually used to love doing a long time ago).

Hereís one I recently shared in a Youtube video.


I Feel Sorry for God


Maybe poetry isnít your thing, but there is something online that is, and all you have to do is find it.

When it comes to creative and fun things to keep you busy, there are plenty of websites that offer interactive marketing tools for visitors to enjoy.

These sites use companies like Outgrow to provide them with tools that make it easy to offer games, polls, surveys, and quizzes on their website or blog.

Creative and Productive

Maybe you donít want to simply think of something to keep you busy for the time being. So instead, think of something you can do during this time, that will actually benefit you after the crisis has finally passed.

For instance, what if you could spend time doing something productive like learning how to bring dead batteries back to life. Not only would it help to pass the time, but imagine how much that particular activity might come in handy later.

Creative and Profitable


In the event that you donít want to settle for merely finding something fun or productive to do, why not pursue doing something creative and profitable? This is particularly a good idea, if your future job situation is uncertain or up in the air.

It would be foolish not to take advantage of this time, to try and generate another source of income. Give it lots of thought, and get creative with your choices. You will probably never get this kind of opportunity again.

If you can create and produce some type of craft, or other item (tangible or digital), you can learn how to sell on sellfy and itís actually kind of hassle-free.


Remember, youíve already come to grips with the fact that the world may not open back up, until several months down the line. That just means you have lots of time to perfect whatever it is that you chose to work on and create.

So get creative! Think outside the box, and think about what the future holds for you, months down the line. Create something fun, productive, or profitable. Better yet, create all of the above!

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