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How Will Exercising Patience Help You Keep Your Sanity?

Reposted: April 27,2020

Impatience during stressful conditions can lead to negative feelings, emotions, and actions.


Trying hard to exercise patience these days is not always easy, but is definitely something that will help you keep your cool!

This is true, not only when it comes to career choices, but also when dealing with human nature, and adjusting to difficult circumstances.

I initially wrote this article, as it pertained to my impatience about becoming a successful author. I’ve reposted (and modified) it amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

My focus is totally different, but the message is the same.




There are many ways to help us remove or go around the obstacles that mentally block our paths in life. So even when life throws us a curveball (like a global pandemic), we can still have the mental tenacity to overcome the situation.

Pursue Positive Thoughts

We have to really train our minds to constantly pursue positive thoughts and engage in positive activities. This is how to fight off impatience, and being overly concerned about a situation that is out of our control.

When we learn to monitor our thought patterns, we can begin to identify exactly what we’re experiencing when negativity tries to creep in.

For example, whenever something doesn’t go according to plan, it is easy to get into a nothing seems to be working frame of mind. The reality is: Something in particular didn’t go according to plan. That is not the same as nothing at all is going according to plan. Can you see the difference in the mindset here?

Our New Normal

It can be a difficult time for people, as we all try to figure out what our particular new normal will look like. There are obstacles we’re facing now, and will continue to face in the future.

But how we deal with those obstacles will be dependent on how much patience we show, over the course of time.

Don’t try to worry about everything all at once. Instead, try to identify and prioritize any challenges you’re facing, and deal with one situation at a time.

Teaching yourself to recognize and tackle one obstacle at a time can help us feel more in control, something we desperately need to feel.

The reality of our new way of life may include conquering obstacles that deal with work, school, family and friends, and everyday life in general. The way we choose to deal with personalities and mood swings (ours and others in the household) can end with a positive or negative result, but it all depends on patience.

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