Confessions of a Frustrated Author

How will you handle frustration about your writing career this year in 2020?

This year in 2020, frustrated authors should be determined to start the year off right, by adopting a new perspective, when it comes to their writing career.

I’m a frustrated author, but I can think of a million and one things going on in the world right now, besides my writing, for me to really be frustrated about.

  • Another big thing happening is, among other violence and bloodshed, a new wave of violence in Iran occurred within the last 24 hours. Now, close to 1000 more U.S. troops are being deployed there.

With all these problems and more, surely my own personal frustrations as an author shouldn’t amount to much.

Frustration and Hard Work

When I consider that everything else in my own life is not so bad (compared to the rest of the world), how can I be pissed about the poor sales performance of my novella?

It’s easy to be frustrated when you know you put a lot of hard work into something. This is true, whether you’re a writer, an author, an actor, or an astronaut.

No matter who or what you are or do, it’s irritating when you work hard and you don’t see the reward for your hard work.

My frustration and discontent stems from the failed launch of my new release, Tell Us the Mermaid Story (written under my new pen name Beka R. March).

Prior to the book’s release, I went through two short, but very busy, weeks of pre-sale activities. That includes paying for promotional marketing services, yet my book still had lousy launch results when it released yesterday (December 31).

I admit, I don’t always give things a chance before the frustration begins to set in; after all, today is ONLY the second day the book has been out.

But even when you wait things out and HOPE for the best, things have a way of not happening when you want, or expect them to. Needless to say, this is frustrating as hell! So what do you do? Do you give up and call it a day? Well I for one vote NO! At least not entirely.

Examine, Confess, Continue

The way I deal with constant frustration about my writing career is to examine, confess, and continue.

I’ve already examined the fact that no matter how much of my own hard efforts I put into marketing and promotion, I need either a highly professional paid staff behind me, or I need an edge.

I confess that since I first began self-publishing, I’ve already shelled out several hundred dollars (piecemeal) to try and enhance and promote my ebooks and particularly my fiction work.

I also confess that I DON’T plan on paying additional hundreds of dollars, only to receive little, to no concrete results.

That leaves me with the option of having to find an edge and continue striving to get my work in front of more eyeballs.

Commit to Writing Career

In order to continue on your author’s journey and not give up on your writing career, you have to be committed to the process, and everything that comes with it, that includes the occasional frustration.

Personally, I refuse to remain discouraged about the slow progression of my current book sales. The public statements I’ve already made about my upcoming mermaid series won’t allow me to stop and give up.

Publicizing your current work-in-progress can help keep a writer honest and on their toes, but it is also a great promotional strategy. Hopefully, by the time I’m ready for my next book launch, the results won’t end up being so frustrating.

When it comes to other promotional strategies, I also have a great plan in mind, to help me get that needed edge I spoke about. I’m still working out all the logistics, but like most things that are worthwhile, it takes time to come together.

I’ll be posting more about this in the upcoming week or so, because the plan will also benefit many new and existing authors, currently seeking more exposure.

Frustrated Author Solution

The solution to my own frustrated author status actually works in harmony with what I mentioned about finding an edge and continuing your author’s journey.

The idea involves conjoining the website with two of my affiliated book and author websites. The goal will focus on establishing more visibility and eventually gain more book sales.

Watching book sales can be the bane of an author’s existence. Book sales were at the core of my initial frustration this morning, because I couldn’t resist the urge to check the status of my Amazon sales page.

Other authors out there can no doubt relate to my compulsive action of constantly scrutinizing my book sales report page on the KDP dashboard. You can also probably relate to my frustration about my Amazon obscurity.

If you’re reading this post and you happen to be one of those authors, I can honestly say, with no hesitation, that this new website was tailor made for you. I love and writer for Readers but this content specifically caters to Writers and Authors, so be sure to return.

Authors Stay Connected

Let’s face it, even though there are major world issues occurring as we speak, we cans still be concerned about our own relatively small lives. It’s okay to view yourself as significant and worthwhile.

It’s easy to feel guilty and think, with all these problems and more, surely my own personal frustrations as an author shouldn’t amount to much. But the truth is, you and I both also matter.

Assuming you choose to watch and follow the growth of this new website, from its very inception, onward, you will definitely find relatable content that you can truly benefit from.

My plan to create a FREE and effective marketing and promotion network for authors is currently in the making, so stay tuned. I’ll be posting more about this in the upcoming week or so.


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