General Email Inquiries

To Contact Charm Baker – the website owner – feel free to reach out to my personal Email first, because I tend to check it several times a day.

SUBMIT YOUR INQUIRIES TO: and be sure to include Not Medium in the Subject Line of any website related questions or requests.

YOU CAN ALSO SUBMIT questions, inquiries, or other related business directly to the address I use specifically for the website’s mail:

NOTE: If your request is related in any way to ADVERTISING, please visit this link.


I must admit, I don’t always engage, consistently social media myself, at least not with live, real-time posts.

I do make a point to check into my accounts during the course of the week at some point, and sometimes more often than other.

I also set up auto tweets that provide informative and new content, but I schedule them to post on an automated basis.

With all that being said, I still welcome you to reach out to Charm Baker, and NotMedium via these two Social Media accounts on:

Twitter and Instagram


Although I haven’t set anything up as of yet, I’m definitely contemplating the possibility of doing some type of live chat, as a way to reach out between me and readers, writers and authors in the network.

I currently meet all necessary Skype and Oovoo requirements to chat (tools wise), or I can do something like a Google Hangouts, or other Instant Messenger, but so far, I’m not sure which. I’d be open to suggestions on this, if you guys have any.