Content Categories

Articles, Stories, and other content on this site will fall in one or more of the following BROAD categories, but whatever you don’t see listed, might possibly be found in the “You Decide” miscellaneous category (even though it might not belong there, but you decide 🙂


Emotions in Motion contain stories, articles and commentary about various emotions we feel as humans, and the emotional baggage we often deal with daily.

Entertainment World contains stories, articles, commentaries, and reviews of all things related to the world of entertainment, including books, movies, and music.

Life in General contains stories, articles and commentaries about this crazy-ass process we go through called LIFE. There’s no frickin’ telling what you’ll find here!

Relationships in Life contains articles, stories, commentaries about all kinds of relationships we deal with in life, including family, friends, lovers, bosses, etc.

Writer’s Life contains articles, stories, commentaries, about writing and being an author, and also a gang of personal experiences from the writing life of yours truly, plus tons of useful writing advice and resources.

You Decide contains whatever else you weren’t able to find in the other categories. Also, be aware that many categories overlap, so content might be listed in multiple categories.


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