How Can Authors With New Amazon Books Get Honest and Legitimate Book Reviews?

Some authors don’t realize editorial reviews can help your newly released book.

While you’re busy racking your brain on how to get book reviews for your newly released novel (or other type of publication), don’t overlook editorial reviewers.

Did you know that Amazon not only allows you to post editorial reviews (via your Author Central, Book dashboard ), but you can even have multiple editorial reviews. I’m not sure just how many they do allow, but I know it’s over five.

Reviews Help Visibility

Even before suggesting to readers that your book is a good buy, book reviews can help benefit your book. Reviews help your book gain more visibility, or in other words, help to get more eyeballs on your book.

Think about it. Whenever you’re searching for something online that you plan on buying, you typically want to see what other people think. If there is a list of products with reviews, and products without reviews, which are you more prone to pay attention to, at least on your first glance?

If you admitted that your eyes automatically radiate towards the item with a review rating or stars, you’re not alone. Oddly enough, even if we spot a product with only one or two stars, it’s common to stop and read those over the products with no stars at all.

No Fluff Reviews

Editorial reviews are what you might call “no fluff” reviews. They’re not (supposed to be) written with any particular slant, one way or the other, although it’s hard not to let a little bias slip in.

But in essence, this kind of review is actually more of a type of announcement, letting readers know the book exists.

Editorial reviews can be written and posted by bloggers, professional review sites, and other web platforms that have a policy of providing reviews.

That’s probably why editorial reviews are able to get past the gatekeeper for Amazon Reviews, a little more easily. The less bias shown in a review, the more reliable the reviewer is considered to be, and rightly so.

Request Editorial Reviews

Now that you have been informed or reminded that editorial reviews may be submitted by an author, you have no excuse for not having “at least” one review on your newly released publication.

If you need a free editorial review and would like to be added to a wait list, visit: Novel Launcher Reviews for details.

Requesting book reviews every chance you get is also helpful for authors. Just create a simple ad request like this:

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