How Can Controlling Your Emotions Safeguard Your Relationships?

Learning how to control your temper will help improve your relationship skills.

I used to be a total hothead. Because my astrological sign is Taurus the bull, my family often made comments about how bullheaded I was, or how I would swell up like a bull whenever I got mad.

Do you ever find that you have a hard time holding your temper? Perhaps you know someone that always has a tendency to fly off the handle and say the wrong thing whenever they are mad.

All of us either know someone like this, or God forbid, we may actually be that person. Whatever the case, it is important to fully understand why we should even bother with controlling our emotions.

Stop Making Excuses

I had to learn how to stop making excuses for always losing my temper and if this is your problem, so do you. Loss of control is exactly the type of behavior that can lead to much more than just a lovers’ quarrel.

Failing to control ones’ emotions has led to many break ups, divorces, even violent crimes within a relationship. That includes marriages, friendships, families, and romantic involvements.

“That’s just them”. No doubt you’ve heard this said about the loud mouth who everyone knows is going to end up “going off”. No matter how much this type of behavior may be a part of their personality; this is definitely not the way to handle a bad situation. In fact, it can only make matters worse!

Being a hothead is definitely not the way to hold on to the people you care about.

As long as we are living and breathing, disagreements with other people will occur. That is why it is so important to learn how to deal with them properly. It may not even be the actual incident that causes a problem to escalate, but rather, the way people react to the incident.

When you fail to get control of your feelings, you can cause a minor incident to get completely out of hand.

Safeguard Relationships

One of the biggest reasons to start controlling your emotions is because it can help to safeguard your relationships. Believe me when I say that I personally had to learn this the hard way.

Learn how to let things cool down when arguments occur. Don’t allow a loss of self-control to end up ruining your relationships. There is lots of help, both online and off, for those who want to learn how to manage their anger.

Remember, there is always a right way to handle anger, and losing your temper with loved ones is NOT it. You can start with these 6 tips to help control your emotions:

TIPS to keep in mind:

1 Do your best to stay calm and don’t allow yourself to be swept up in your emotions. Instead of concentrating on how you FEEL, focus more on the actual situation so you can use sound reasoning.

2 If emotions are running too high, go take a little walk so you can distance yourself, not just from the person involved, but also from the problem.

3 Take the time to listen and really hear what the other person is saying. Remember, they may be speaking from the emotions that THEY are caught up in, so you don’t want to end up fanning the flames.

4 Be sure that you have properly conveyed your own thoughts and feelings to the other person without using negative emotions to do it.

5 Take the time to identify the EXACT problem and try hard to see it from the other person’s perspective.

6 If the mood isn’t too heated, discuss solutions to whatever the problem is, as well as the possible consequences of those solutions (so the cure doesn’t turn into another argument 🙂


Since communication is a vital key in any relationship, it is important that you gain control of your emotions when problems arise. Doing this will help you with the people in your life.

When you come to a meeting of the minds, you can handle any of life’s little disagreements. All it takes is controlling your emotions.

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