What Defines Happiness in Life And How Does Worry Interfere with Happiness?

Defining happiness requires considering the affect that worry can have on a happy life.

The definition of happiness and the answer to how to live a happy life is a popular question, though most people don’t want to know the REAL answer.

The last thing they (meaning you and me, and every damn body else) want to hear is that the true definition of happiness and how to find it is actually INSIDE US.

See what I mean? I can already see you reaching for the mouse and about to click away to something else. BUT WAIT.

Why Happiness Within?

I know what you’re thinking; “why the happiness within routine?” Were you hoping to hear some magical B.S. about a happiness pill, that perhaps you could even run out and buy, or better yet, order on Amazon?

Real happiness doesn’t work like that, and if it does, it doesn’t work for long.

Just think for a moment. Isn’t it much better to know that YOU are the one who is in charge of your happiness? In fact, once you learn more about this, and how to tap into making yourself more happy, you won’t need anything else.

Indulge me for a moment, and consider my particular perspective in the next few paragraphs, and maybe you’ll find a new way to look at being happy. If not, you can always find a definition and solution more to your liking; whatever makes you happy 🙂

Worry Hates Happy

In case you didn’t already know it, worry hates happy, and the two cannot coexist. When I look at the photo of the statue called the “Thinker,” it makes me wonder what was really on his mind. Could it be that he was worried?

I never bothered to learn the history of how the statue came about, but he sure looks like a man with a ton of problems. Scroll back to the top of the page and see what I mean.

No doubt, he had some of the same issues we face today, like the stress of family, finances, and how to spend the rest of our lives.

If money worries, relationships and other areas in life are causing you stress, this is in direct opposition to your happiness. You can’t allow yourself to be burdend down, to the point that there’s no room for happiness in your life.

Worry Less in Life

One of the best ways for you to worry less in life is to always try and focus your time and attention on something else; something positive.

When you learn how to keep yourself busy every day, with things that bring you joy, you’ll quickly forget about all those nagging negative thoughts.

That doesn’t mean you’ll forget about them altogether, or that you’ll start to get neglectful. It simply means that you start to learn how to compartmentalize things in a logical way.

You can begin by occupying your thoughts with a series of little pieces of happiness, scattered throughout your day.

When you really give it some thought, determining what things bring you joy is not that difficult to do.

Once you discover how to be happy every day, any issue that you haven’t found a way to resolve yet can be placed on a back burner until you have a solution.

Try Focused Happiness

So the first thing that needs to happen in order for you to worry less is for you to figure out how to make yourself happy. Not just a general, vague, overall sense of happiness, but focused happiness.

Believe it or not, having something to focus on and look forward to during the course of your daily routine can bring you more joy than you know.

It could be something as small or insignificant as allowing yourself a special snack treat (but only if you’re not already worried about your diet).

This may all sound a little too good to be true and you probably doubt if it actually works to help eliminate worry. Well, you’ll never know for sure, unless you give it a try.

But first, you have to know what kind of things in life actually make you happy. Do you?

Make Yourself Happy

If you are one of the countless individuals that is always “looking” for happiness, your constant searching could be a primary reason why you feel so miserable or discontent. My motivational, self-help ebook (“Several Simple Solutions”) had this to say on the subject:

“Happiness is one of the most elusive feelings in the world, and many people have a hard time finding it. But can happiness really and truly be FOUND if you search hard enough? LOOKING for happiness is a big part of the problem of why many of us never experience happiness.

Just like most people, I was once under the impression that happiness is something that you’re supposes to discover, or find. When you live your life, always waiting to FIND happiness, it seems to become more and more unattainable.

You no more have a chance of “finding” happiness, than you do of stumbling onto and discovering a rare gem or a huge sum of money (and you know what the chances of that happening are).

Does that mean you’ll never be happy in life because the odds of “finding” happiness are too great? Of course not! In fact, you, me, and everyone in the world can be happy every single day, once you learn how to create your own happiness.

Don’t sit around waiting to find happiness, or hoping it will fall into your lap. Start learning how to create your own happiness and you’ll be happy every day.”

5 Steps to Happiness

Now, let’s go a little further and consider 5 steps to a happier you. Set aside some time in your schedule to do a simple little exercise.

Since you have the power to create your own happiness, you will need to sit down and give some real thought to what it is that makes you happy. What activities (large or small) do you derive joy from?

Obviously, some of the things that make you happy are not as attainable as other things. But, there still has to be lots of things that you can derive happiness from, even if you don’t currently enjoy those things right now.

Before you get started with the exercise, you can do some brainstorming, and simply write whatever comes to your mind.

Include everything from the simplest activity, to the most far-fetched. When you get ready to perform the following exercise, focus on things that truly make you happy and select five entries from your brainstorm list.

You can begin by taking the following steps:

1 Take a piece of paper and draw vertical lines on it, making 3 columns

2 In one column, list 5 activities that you really enjoy doing.

3 In the 2nd column, next to each activity, list obstacles that stop you from enjoying that activity

4 In the 3rd column, next to each obstacle, list what you can do to completely eliminate it

5 Finally, select ONE activity and begin taking steps to remove the obstacles that prevent you from enjoying your selection

Oddly enough, your list may actually contain some activities that you still enjoy, but you stopped doing them without a good reason.

But even if you stopped doing something because you had a good reason, perhaps that reason is no longer an obstacle. If it is, maybe you can eliminate or work around the obstacle.

Maybe you used to love to go bowling or skating or take long walks in the park, but for one reason or another you no longer do any of those things.

It’s not that you stopped enjoying these simple little activities, it’s just that you simply stopped doing them. But finding a way to resume doing them on a regular basis can be enjoyable, as well as therapeutic.

Once you get to the stage where you go back to enjoying the first activity from your list, you’ll see how happy it makes you. Not only have you found a way to resume what you love, but you also feel a sense of accomplishment when you check off the activity.

This will motivate you to move on to another activity on the list. In fact, don’t stop working on your list, until you’re able to enjoy all those things that make you happy. When you’re done, be sure to make another list and continue creating your own happiness.


In the Medium article titled: “How To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind,” writer George J. Ziogas had this to say on the subject:

“Don’t expect to see immediate changes — occasionally that can happen, but more often it takes time.”

He stated this fact, in order to emphasize that certain changes in life will require being consistent and persistent in your efforts.

This is equally true when it comes to learning how to worry less about problems, and focus more on being happy. But just like anything else in life, practice makes perfect, so keep practicing how to be happy every single day.

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