Writing for Medium.com Is Not a Good Fit for Every Writer

My writing for Medium.com took my focus away from building my own brand.

Writing for Medium.com is fun and easy to do. But not all writers who spend time and energy posting stories, reap the benefits they expect. That was why I created NotMedium.net and I’m working to establish my own brand.

The Medium Brand

When you write for Medium.com you are writing for the Medium brand. Even though they are a popular website and they have a good brand, it is still their brand, not yours. Your efforts to piggyback off their brand just might not work.

I’ve been a writer and member of Medium.com since the summer of 2019. I learned some valuable information about what online readers enjoy. I even discovered the new way that online readers prefer article content to be arranged.

But there is something writers should know about writing for Medium.com. The truth is, not every writer benefits. Many writers spend time crafting articles and stories for Medium, but they fail to get the results they hope for.

Reading On Medium

Online readers have a vast array of both good and bad content to choose from.

Reading on Medium is what prompted me to start writing my own articles and stories for the website. Medium stories (as they are mostly referred to) have a certain appeal to readers. The site is clean and crisp and makes you want to read.

Personally, I was drawn in by the conversational style and tone of the content available on the site. There is a huge diversity of Medium writers. More and more writers seem to sign up everyday.

Medium has all different kinds of people, from everywhere, and every walk of life. There is no shortage of article and story topics to be found on Medium.com. Online readers have a vast array of both good and bad content to choose from.

Becoming a paid member ($5 monthly) on Medium was a no brainer for me. I didn’t mind paying, since I really enjoyed reading the interesting articles. They send regular emails about new titles. Eventually, I became one of their writers.

Writing for Medium

Writing personal essays and sharing stories (like your own writing experiences) can be a source of motivation to both the writer and the reader. If you get enough views and applause, you can even earn some monetary compensation.

Medium encourages writing in a more personal way, but there seems to be a downfall if you happen to be too specific. That might have been the reason some of my own stories were overlooked.

Writing for Medium requires publishing content unique enough to be interesting, but similar enough to be relatable. I understand what Medium.com wants, but since I don’t always want to give it, I’m not always a good fit.

Are you the kind of writer that hates being put into a box? I am. But what happens if you mistakenly start to believe you can publish whatever you want? Your writing won’t stand a chance of being read on the Medium.com platform.

Neglecting Your Brand

Neglecting your own brand should not be an option when you’re a writer. You should be your first priority, and everything else should be done to help improve, enhance and expose your own brand, not someone else’s.

If you agree with the above statement, you’re probably not a good fit for Medium.com. To be a successful article writer on Medium, you MUST put in quality time and really learn how to finesse the website.

I never planned to get so tied up with Medium.com. But as soon as I started writing for them, I got hooked. Before I knew what was happening, I was spending all my time doing nothing but writing for their website. Suddenly, Medium.com became my total focus as a writer.

Whether you’re a self-published author with other writing obligations, or just a blogger or freelance article writer; Medium.com should not be your total focus. Nothing should prevent you from establishing and building your own brand.

Benefit Every Writer

Visibility is something that can benefit every writer, so it really helps when you get exposure for the articles, stories, and personal essays you post on Medium.com. The problem is, not every writer will actually get exposure on Medium.

In reality, you will get very little exposure, if your writing is not selected by Medium to be “curated.” If you fail to land in one of the popular Medium publications, chances are, your article will basically go unread.

Medium.com allows you to create a publication, as a way to distinguish yourself from other writers. But you still need to build a fan base of readers to follow the publication. You are the one who has to make it popular with online readers.

Who is the one exerting them self on social media, promoting your Medium stories and articles? You have to be responsible for getting eyeballs on your writing, not the other way around.

Medium may not benefit every writer who writes for them, but many of those writers may actually benefit Medium. If you are busy driving traffic to your writing on Medium.com, you are definitely one of the latter writers.

Not Medium Writing

This year, I decided to stop putting all my energy into helping someone else’s writing platform. I created NotMedium.net so I could have my own publishing platform.

This site provides a vehicle for me to establish and solidify my own brand. I can promote and showcase my entire brand without any type of censorship.

I believe it makes more sense to be a big fish in my own little pond, right here at NotMedium.net. Over at Medium.com, I’m nothing more than a little guppy in an ocean full of countless fish.

Authors, bloggers, freelance article writers; you can’t afford not to look at the big picture. Don’t put all your time, energy and skills into helping someone else and their brand succeed.

Are you busy driving traffic and social media followers to the Medium website? Maybe it’s time you create and start establishing your own brand. Don’t be afraid to do something else besides write for Medium.

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